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Complete support in company formation, amendments, deregistration, purchase and sale. Preparation of all the required corporate acts such as amendments to contracts, articles of incorporation and by-laws, partners’ and shareholders’ agreements, minutes of meetings, instruments appointing officers.

Preparation and implementation of Corporate Planning, reorganizing the company’s corporate structure, with the purpose of streamlining tax costs and make succession planning easier, and being able to implement organization, acquisition, sale merger, split-up, winding-up and dissolution of companies, as well as organizing commercial, industrial and service practices.

Consultancy for corporate and business matters – complete support in issues related to partners or shareholders rights, corporate conflicts and corporate governance.

Complete assistance in implementing mergers, split-ups and incorporations related to company reorganizations.

Complete assistance in succession planning, in creating management and family holding companies, in structuring the respective administrative and management policies, in preparing and revising wills, gift and usufruct instruments, as well as other forms of inter vivos transfers and gifts.

Complete assistance in obtaining licenses and permits (to operate, inspection, Environmental Protection Agency, etc.) at the relevant bodies and agencies. 

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