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Consulting in tax matters in general, concerning all types of taxes (federal, state and municipal) levied on companies’ operations and on their assets.

Tax Planning development and implementation, involving the complete analysis of the operations carried out by the companies looking for the best options for a strategic management of the tax load, that is, this work is focused on the legal and effective reduction of the tax load, performing preventive studies related to fiscal and tax solutions.

Permanent development of Tax Consulting services, constantly studying in detail fiscal and trade laws, in relation to new obligations, changes in tax rates, fiscal benefits application, to obtain a legal reduction for companies’ tax loads.

Acting in tax litigations against the federal, state and municipal government, in the respective courts, in actions related to defending tax assessment notices and fiscal assessments, as well as repayment, recovery and compensation of taxes.

Active on judicial fiscal litigation, in all degrees of jurisdiction of the Judicial Branch, in suits questioning tax demands or aiming at recovering taxes that were unduly paid.  

Evaluation of tax impacts in operations performed by the company and advising about how to use tax credits and comply with main and ancillary fiscal obligations.

Assistance in business and company activities structuring and restructuring.

Preparation of ICMS, IPI and customs taxes and duties Special Treatment regime

Carrying out reviews of procedures in the tax area.

Follow up and advice in complying with federal, state and municipal inspections in the tax area.

Complete support in obtaining [Debt] Good Standing Certificates in different public bodies and Fiscal Regularization of companies.

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