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Strategic vision, responsibility, commitment and deep technical knowledge are the foundations of  the law firm  VEIGA & ASSOCIADOS – Attorneys.

Formed by a group of strongly active academic professionals – all of them with graduate degrees in Law -  VEIGA & ASSOCIADOS purpose is to protect the interest of its clients and assist them in different areas of Business Law such as tax, corporate, labor, civil, environmental and administrative law.

We practice the  full legal assistance system, providing tax and business consultancy on a full scope basis, performing services quickly and efficiently, as a result of our lean and flexible operational structure, our ample specialization in the business area and our institutional philosophy, aimed at providing distinct and individualized services do each client, always presenting a global vision of its business and operations. 

We speak the same language as our clients, we understand their needs and we assume their problems, always submitting simple and practical solutions for complex problems.

Another point to be stressed is the preventive action of the firm, which daily looks for changes in federal, state and municipal legislations, as well as (administrative and judicial) jurisprudence, offering complete consulting services aimed at reducing risks and demands, which undoubtedly  brings excellent results to our clients.

We make a point of working towards technical excellence and dedication to our clients, working in synergy and as partners, with honesty, professionalism, ethics, up-to-date information and data, confidentiality and quality. This is our greatest purpose.

Finally, to provide high services to our clients’ portfolio, the main offices of VEIGA & ASSOCIADOS  are located in the City of Santo André, State of São Paulo, with a branch in the City of Taubaté, State of São Paulo, in addition to a large number of partners and correspondents located in all Brazilian states.

Alameda Campestre, 753 - Bairro Campestre
CEP 09070-200 - Santo André - SP - Brasil
Phone: + 55 11 4421-1010
Rua Visconde do Rio Branco, 44 - Sala 04 - Centro
CEP 12020-040 - Taubaté - SP - Brasil
Phone: + 55 12 3624-2583
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